Mobile accessories buying guide

Odds are acceptable that the greater part of the individuals on your vacation shopping list own cell phones—which is pretty advantageous, since a cell phone case or adornment is one of the least demanding blessing thoughts regardless of who you’re looking for. Additionally, it’s something that the beneficiary can really utilize (dissimilar to a year ago’s sweater disaster).

With a plenty of cases accessible, it should be basic enough to pick one (or ten) for each individual on your rundown. Yet, it’s not similarly as simple as tossing any old case in your truck and tapping the Checkout button. Here’s a short rundown of what to consider when you’re looking for a cell phone case (and some extra pointers on choosing different extras).


What sort of telephone does the individual have? Regardless of how rad that iPhone 4s case is, it’s probably not going to be very useful to your nephew on the off chance لوازم جانبی موبایل that he claims an iPhone 5. To begin, discover precisely what brand—and model—of telephone you’re looking for. Most case producers offer styles that fit an assortment of cell phones, including models from Apple or Samsung.


Notwithstanding securing a telephone, numerous cases are intended to be anything but difficult to hold. Spot’s CandyShell Grip case is mainstream for an explanation: Texturized silicone strips guarantee that the telephone stays in the client’s hands during overwhelming gathering messaging meetings, while a double layer and raised bezel genuinely defends the gadget. Another competitor is the Knucklecase, which has an overwhelming look however offers a heavenly method to keep a gadget securely close by.


Another perspective to consider: What are you shielding the telephone from? On the off chance that your blessing beneficiary is stressed distinctly over dropping their valuable freight, numerous cases will do, and a few, for example, Incipio’s Silicrylic line, are intended for stun ingestion.

For defending against residue, soil, or water, consider something somewhat more healthy like the Otterbox Armor arrangement or the Incipio Atlas ID waterproof case, which is built with five cautious layers to secure against water, stun, earth, and residue. It likewise includes a unique mark scanner, which gives an extra layer of security if a telephone is lost or taken.


Cell phone robbery is a colossal issue—help your cherished one remain safe with a case that offers additional security highlights. For instance, the Yellow Jacket case serves as an immobilizer (and can charge the telephone should it come up short on battery power). Kensington’s BungeeAir case safely ties the telephone to a little dandy; if the proprietor strolls excessively far away from the telephone, the dandy triggers a caution (and the partner application consequently secret word bolts the telephone). In the interim, the Coyote Case comes outfitted with a 100db alarm that the client can convey in crises.